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Absolute data integrity

Systems and data used to be easy to modify, damage or destroy. Thanks to blockchain technology, for the first time in computer history, that is no longer the case.

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Stampery for Systems Security

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Enterprise Security

Current security solutions are based on archaic fences. Companies advertise their complicated perimetral security systems as if they were impenetrable. On the other hand consider that everyday we hear about cyber security breaches at even the largest corporations. More so, you are not at all protected for internal breaches and insider threats.

Using our proprietary technology, we can embed unlimited data on the blockchain, having the certainty that such information will not be tampered with in the future. In this way it is possible to establish irrefutable real-time proof of integrity of your entire filesystems.

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Insider Threat Mitigation

As we further use services to collaborate - as individuals - or integrate external networks that do not allow enterprises to fully control data endpoints, the risk of insider threats increases. We are more susceptible to insiders using their accesses to tamper with information. At Stampery we aim to mitigate this risk with our proprietary technology.

The database we use is secured by a network of thousands of computers distributed around the world. Each computer commits its computational power to make the database immutable and secure. We use cryptographic algorithms to register the unique identifier of each piece of information. If this information has been tampered with, a set of instructions can follow and policies previously configured can be triggered, such as alerting a human of the suspected behaviour, or to automatically revert to the previous clean status.

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Data breach management

Many companies are proactive in their approach to cyber security. Enterprises must audit and insure their digital assets to ensure security. Such a consistent approach requires continuous verification of data.

Stampery allows for complete integrity of the enterprise's data in real time. Keep pace of scaling your business and our technology will keep protecting you.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical infrastructure protection is becoming absolutely necessary as even more digital threats endanger companies everyday.
There is no single software stack that is safe from data tampering.

We are able to track the state of entire filesystems, servers or networks, so you always know if an attacker gets in, and you can take the necessary preventive measures to minimize damage or to safeguard the penetrated systems.

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